Our Board

Currently all of our directors are residing in Chautauqua County. Each director was chosen based on individual knowledge in specific areas impacting this ministry.  Our hope is to bring them together in order to effectively, intelligently, and carefully guide this ministry. The current roster of directors has diligently collaborated and prayed through and into this incorporation, and believe that they are acting in obedience to the vision and purposes that God has designed for Breathe Life of WNY Inc. and the St. Stephen's building.  

Rev. Stewart Thompson, MAC: President 
Stewart has 27 years of pastoral experience, spending the last 15 years of that focusing primarily on addiction and recovery. He served on the Portland Ministerial Association for 7 years.  He is certified by the AACC as a Certified Pastoral Counselor. Stewart earned his Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology & Biblical Studies, and his Master of Arts in Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY, with additional coursework in addiction therapy.  He spent 4 of 5 years working with a para-church organization directing a Christ-centered recovery ministry as well as having designed and developed a recovery ministry in his previous pastoral, church-position which has celebrated 6 years of effective transformation in its attendees. His experience as a congregational care, recovery and pastoral counselors in family, addictions, marriage and relationships, provides the basis of his experience for seeing people set free from entrapments.  Stewart did practicum work with the drug and alcohol counselor at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center, Lexington, KY, performing brief, motivational interviewing of patients in a clinical setting. His area of expertise is in the integration of faith and psychological theory to provide Christ-centered counseling. 

Rev. R. Gordon Spiller, Biblical Theology & Missions: Vice President
Gordon has 47 years of pastoral experience, 28 of which were spent in Portland/Brocton, NY. Gordon served as the founding Academic and Administrative Dean for the Buffalo School of The Bible, and was the Pastoral Counseling Department Head at The Tabernacle Church. He was the founding Executive Director of The Association of Church-Centered Bible Schools, as well as, being certified for psychological testing at California Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis. He is certified to administrate the Family Relationship Inventory, The Personality Profile, and The Biblical Personality Profile. He has developed and taught over 50 different courses in the fields of Bible, Theology, Pastoral Counseling, and Professional Pastoral Ministry Development. He is a member of the Portland Ministerial Association serving in various positions; has held special appointments by the County Commissioner for Mental Health; and was on the subcommittee for Mental Health in Mayville, NY.

Joshua Thompson: Secretary
Joshua has 5 years of food handling and restaurant experience, as well as, 2 years in research at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center in their Anatomy Department; managing labs and overseeing data compilation and analysis. His experience as part of the management support team at Red Robin makes him an ideal candidate for management and operations of the café and any expansions of food services. Joshua has 3 years of coursework in Psychology with a focus on addiction and recovery counseling.

Tammy Thompson, AS. Business, AS. Christian Ministries, BS Bible: Treasurer
With over 23 years of experience, Tammy has been working in a variety of business settings including sales, marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, business development and facilities. Tammy has, in addition, served in ministry settings that include women’s mentoring, community ministries, recovery leadership, and ministry development. She was instrumental in the integration of practical community involvement with her home church and was the leading force in mobilizing and fostering lay leadership for their ministries.

Rev. David Nelson, BA. Religion: Director of Finance 
David has 42 years of combined pastoral experience in various capacities. He has participated with the Portland Ministerial Association in the duration of his leadership in Brocton.  David is retired from the Chautauqua County Department of Social Services after 23 years of experience. He has training in working with emotionally disturbed persons, parenting models and therapy, and alcohol/substance abuse affected families. In addition, David has worked in the areas of clinical interventions for youth and children with developmental disabilities.  He has coursework invested towards a Master of Divinity.

Erika Lopez, BS. Theology, MAC: Board Member
Erika Lopez is the lead Pastor at Christian Worship Center (CWC) Fredonia. She is a native to the Fredonia/Dunkirk area. In 2011, Pastor Erika moved to California with her husband and 4 children.  There she enrolled into the CWC Academy and the CWC Internship Program. In the Academy she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling. As part of the Academy, she went through both the Ministry Internship and the Christian Counseling Internship, where she became an ordained Pastor and a Certified Life Coach. Later on, she also became the Assistant to the Bishop of the CWC Network. While in California, she led the Street C.A.R.E. Ministry. She was passionate about seeing the lives of the people she came in contact with transform. When Pastor Erika was sent back to Fredonia, she immediately felt the need to be a part of recovery, not just for her church but for her community. And, with that same passion she looks to impact as many people as she can; leading a ministry to equip others to fulfill their purpose. She looks forward to working on the Board of Directors with Breathe of Life and helping to influence Chautauqua County.

Kelley A. Potter, BS: Board Member 
Kelley has 11 years of experience in community, medical or health services within the private and non-profit sectors.  Her certifications in community, youth, mental health and childhood development both in instruction and training along with her experience practiced both in the North and South counties lends resources, connections and insights to partnerships and collaboration efforts in the area of prevention.  Kelley is native to the Brocton/Portland communities with a wealth of insight on partnerships that foster healthy people and healthy communities.